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During the SHMIB concert, the INFER project, generates the visual world on the basis of signals from musicians and artificial anthill inhabited by the colony of real Ants :  Atta Sexdens. We connect with musicians with sound - we receive signals from the instruments thanks to the music interface. These signals affect the individual visual parameters in the real time. Incubators with ants are also connected to the Touchdesigner with a music interface, but in this case we use specially designed microphones, sensitive enough to receive them, and be adequately protected by water or other factors in the anthill which could distort the signals.


Premiere: April 2017 (with INFER Project)

Exhibitions : 

Stary Maneż, Gdańsk

Enter Enea Festival 2017, Poznań

9 Hills Festival 2017, Chełmno

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