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We - The Common Body won GRAND PRIX of Biennale WRO 2017 DRAFT SYSTEMS


Inspired by space, human's relationship with nature, and nature's relationship with technology, the interactive installation 'We - The Common Body' triggers a VR experience from combining the worlds of nature and technology.

The work consists of three pieces.

Part A : 'This view has potential'

Object A resembles a defensive structure, which can symbolize the relationship between humans and nature. It is a ball-incubator populated by thousands of earthworms.  The biohumus produced by them travels to the sensor grid, then, the signals are sent to computers and controllers, which also read the temperature in the incubator, all in the real-time.

Part B : 'Vanitasity'

Object B was inspired by the construction of the James Webb space telescope, which emphasizes the exploratory nature of the work. It is a group of thirteen transparent domes illuminated by LED lights that are controlled by the drivers referred to in Part A.

Part C : 'Virtual phenotype'

Object C is inspired by the death penalty chair as a post-human era representation. It is a publicly accessible chair with a VR helmet mounted, in which you can observe the interpretation of the signals referred to in part A in real-time.

While earthworms in part A of the installation, unconsciously control the LED lights in part B of the installation, the VR world and viewers sitting in the chair also unconsciously activate the audio layer in the room where the work is located.


Premiere: February 2017

Exhibitions : 

Państwowa Galeria Sztuki, Sopot

WRO Biennale 2017

Beyond The Seven, Warsaw

Arsenal Gallery, Poznań

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