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The main idea of this work is the search for the hidden, “cosmic” sounds emitted by old audio equipment hidden in the installation’s stage design. When the electromagnetic field is disturbed by devices of different kinds (electronic watches, mobile telephones, cameras, remote controls, etc.), this generates strange, unreal sounds which may become a metaphor for receiving signals from space, for contact with “aliens”. The inner microcosm of the old equipment reflects the macrocosm of distant, undiscovered outer space. The installation will be enriched by a sound background (looped electroacoustic composition lasting ca. 9 minutes) and a visual layer (video projection). The sounds were prepared by Łukasz Szałankiewicz during his residence at the Electronic Music Studio in Stockholm in March of this year. The simple stage design will complement the space of the installation, leaving sufficient room for workshop activities led by, among others, the author of the installation himself. 
The whole will provide children with an opportunity of playing a “star ” game, a form of contact with the cosmos.  


Premiere: 2012


Zacheta National Gallery Warsaw

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